Hay Roses

by Voekoevaka

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released July 17, 2013




Voekoevaka Toulouse, France

1992 : Born on Earth…

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Track Name: Damayale Stories
Light, yes light you're my wishes
You light my hills, no sun up there
Omnipresent and powerful
Like heat and cold, I stay stuck there
Choke me fucking imparity
Grab and break my old jagged neck
Violence, like abstinence, flood over we
Take me bleeding and fly away
Well I could get upon my mind, Damayale skies
And I can make up my own dream, Damayale hands
And as you'll be my journey ship, Damayale night
As you sank here, Damayale heart

Light, you light, get your own wings
You fly so high, it was you again
We should wait on the rain all day and night
Like desprate man on desprate land
Spare me fucking imparity
We died too hard and so pretty
These days, those days, are end of the world
We flew far away where dark skies go
Well I could get upon my mind, Damayale skies
And I can make up my own dream, Damayale hands
And as you'll be my journey ship, Damayale night
As you sank here, Damayale heart
Track Name: The Old Shepherd Wind
The night is falling and we are coming back
With hundreds of clouds we gathered across the sea
Following our blow when the sky turns black
The mountain is calling us and praying behind we
With brave heart, we used to fly apart
At dawn, when we lead the waters
And we feed the rivers
We run to give you shivers

One day we took the last leaves of an old burl
One day we grabbed a dancing hair of a young girl
One day we sowed the perfume of the spring flowers
One day we stole the memories of an old storyteller
And petals, and spokes of laughing children
After, we mix all that together
And we get our mixture
Ready to shake our feathers

So many songs we have heard across the streets
We keep then whisper them to lonely travelers.
So many landscapes we carressed and visited
So many secrets we told to singing birds
At night, when all the moons are bright
We return at last from our long flight
To the far montains heights
As far as rises the daylight

The day I'll pass through your fingers I'll tell you my story
The story of a wolf and an old dead tree
We will blow as long as we travel this world
Giving the land its essence and life its power
The sun makes us dance all along
The day, and we spin like cloud whirls
From weather comes the storm
And from the storm comes the song
Track Name: Hay Roses on Your Song
The Land Will Come
If the Tune Ring
Clouds are Spinning
Upon no Home
And as I was going across the Long Gone River
The Sky Says to the Moon
That all the Souls Melting in the Long Gone River
Will be Immortal soon

The Day has Yelled
His Crimson Song
Call for the End
The Night was Long
And when You Stepped inside this Dusty Place
The Tearful Sun
Throwing his Beam Rain on your Smooth Face
Tell You Welcome

Hay Roses on your Song
Camelia Green all along
You Bring the Birds who Weave the Seeds
Of Shining Love like Ringing Beads falling all across the Sky

Flourishing Ivy Climbing your Limbs
Echoing Thrush Chanting your Hymns
Thirteen villagers will offer you the more sweet tissue
But our Kings didn't have enough appreciated You

Four thieves come to steal your Light
Tall shadows in some dark night
We came across your Hair, hatching your celebration, but You are gone
Your prints are now desert and the Moon has crutched, letting us alone

Shake in the Rain

I Learned it in a Worried Dream
When I was Dancing above the Zebra Mountains
Seven Millions Souls praying for You Calling
Our Thirsty Land was Waiting for your Grains
The Long Gone River lead our tears
A White Star appears