Silver Loves

by Voekoevaka

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released May 23, 2014




Voekoevaka Toulouse, France

1992 : Born on Earth…

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Track Name: Ce que l'On Sait & ce que l'On a Fait (part.1)
À nos maisons tordues
Dans nos villes perdues
Nos rues où coulent nos larmes
Dans le torrent de leurs armes

Feu nos amours déchues
Qui ne saignent même plus
Où tout n'est que vacarme
Sous les cris des alarmes

À nos pays lointains
Où nos frères meurent de faim
Et souffrent en silence
Loin de la providence

Et à l'indifférence
De ceux qui mènent la danse
Cernés par leurs enceintes
Sous les étoiles éteintes

À ces hommes dans la guerre
Ceux qui sont criblés de fer
Et qui tuent malgré eux
Pour leur patrie, au nom de Dieu

Et ceux qui perdent leur toit
Et qui crachent dans le froid
Leur dernier souffle de vie
Sous le manteau de la nuit

Et la macabre symphonie
De ceux qui ont menti
Pour mieux nous aveugler
Sous leurs crocs ébréchés

Et feu l'intégrité
De notre société
Je l'ai vue agoniser
Comme un ange blessé

Mais ils ne nous croiront pas
Si nous leur raconterions ça
Nos enfants n'ont pas vu le passé
Ce que l'on sait, et ce que l'on a fait

Un nouveau jour se lève
Où ils prendront la relève
Mais il ne faut pas oublier
Ce que l'on sait, et ce que l'on a fait

Même les révolutions
Donnent le pouvoir aux cons
La seule vraie anarchie
Est un état d'esprit

Alors ouvrons les yeux
Sur un futur radieux
Esquissons ces histoires
Et réveillons nos arts

Me crois-tu maintenant ?
Quelques mots dans le vent
Soulèvent les coeurs
Et renversent les peurs

Nos idées éphémères
Comme des bouteilles à la mer
Transcendent le temps
Construisent les monuments

Un jour, j'espère, nous serons fiers
Nous, les Hommes, dans l'univers
D'avoir su voir, et créer la Beauté
Mais encore faut-il le mériter

Les yeux vers les étoiles
Devant le bal astral
Nous rêvons de demain
Comme d'un amour sans fin
Track Name: The Olde Scarterred Moon
You don't have to bear the shame of your caste
The shadow clan will shine and beam away
All you have to do is catch what I cast
And you'll be brought by what I say
The words of an olde blinded world
All I want from you is to carry these
My humble celestial message of love
For I can't tell her myself about this
To make a friendly presence of
Her gorgeous eye, Olde Scarterred Moon
Which is looking forward on me

Inside my womb you walk
And through my bones you stalk
And I can feel your steps deep in my veins
With the help of the beings of the dirt
You will find my heart
And I'll give you wings to break your chains
You'll fly to the Olde Scarterred Moon
And go and rise away through me

Her moonlighted look can awake my plains
And bring my tired breath to the stars like streams
And I feel her words can transport my brains
On these majestuous scenes
The twirl of all the dancing worlds
All my trees will offer her the whole sights
Of a neverending land of scents
And my people will enbellish her nights
With all their gifts and their presents
A feast for the Olde Scarterred Moon
Which is staying far over me

Step by step you climb
The flying mountains high
And now I'm just a big rock for your eyes
After your long journey
The Moon's bright soil you'll see
And she will lead you to her inner lights
My message to Olde Scarterred Moon
You will tell her this for me

With our alliance a new dawn will start
And pour out all its beams in our crooked lands
The forests will spill their green and ther art
In all the deserts, all the sands
In all the bland and woeful worlds
Your people will get the key of the skies
Inside a wagon made of golden leaves
Transported by one thousand golden swans
All them coming from where she live
And blessed by the Olde Scarterred Moon
The ringing tune of the Olde Scarterred Moon
Track Name: Girl with No Eyes
Tzn Szeygshaszeyszmgshaydza
Dzm Vbvü Szoo Zaykshay Zo Kshan Kpfø Kshü Vhveekshoo Gshee
Ksh Vszey Gshey Vøzan Shøgshaj

Shøkshøj Bfa Kshaytzankshoo
Fvøkshøv Gshan K'Szeykshavøjn Vsmgshaydza
Shøkshøj Shøkshøj
Gshew Kpvø Kshü Vhveekshoo Gshee
Vø Shøkshøj Bfa Vsheykshoodzay Fvøkshøv Gshn

Kshü Szeyey dzeejagshagshoo
Vve Gshe Kshü Szetzangshoo
Gshe Vszmkshoo
Shøkshøj Shøkshøj
Shm Vøtze Joo Shøgshaj

Kpfø Züdza Bfa Vøkshay Fvøkshøv Gshn Vjo Vj Shøkshøj

Khkshan Szeszmveypvan Gshe Szeszmveypvan
Shøgshaj Gshe Kpvø SzeBvø BvaSzeyJayGshanTzanShjee
Gshn Szeykshøtza Shøkshøj Shøkshøj

Kzüksheykshayszey gshn Kshü
K'Vbvebvü Gshn Vgshadzn Shøkshøj
Gshee Vze
Vzeebvøsze Shøkshøj
Shjm SzeyKshay Szeygshay Joo.

Khkshan Kshü Szeykshodzekshn
Gshee Vfvajoshjo Kshaygshay
Szeyshjeybve Gshe Szeyszm
Shøgshaj Gshe Zükshay Szeykshay Shøshjeyj

Szeyksheytza Szeyszoofvøksheygshay
Track Name: George Gershwin's Summertime
Summertime and the living is easy
Fish are jumping and the cotton is high
Oh your daddy's rich and your mother's good looking
So hush little baby, don't you cry
One of this mornings you will rise up singing
Yes you'll spread your wings and you'll take them to the sky
But 'till that morning, just a little bit can harm you with daddy and mommy standing by

Your sun is smiling above your velvet kingdom
You fall asleep and so do I
All those cute gargoyles with their shining eyes
They keep on dancing as they will never die
And the waters where I found you in this palace
They keep your sound and prevent anybody to lie
Summertime and the words I sing
Twirl in the room and now you're high
Track Name: Godness Living

If your existence isn't just a shining lure.
I wish you'll hear this whistling expiration.
I still see that my mind is deeply obscure.
And the past years does wear the taste of expiation.
I've been looking to the sky for days and days.
I've been confined in this black prison for centuries.
Among logical existence there's a discontinuity that betrays.
That we try to build cathedrals in all bleak countries.

There is no way to shine under their claws.
There is no weal that we can find instead of dismay.
Let's throw all their dignity that stifled our poor limbs.
There is an exit. So go and run away !
We'll rather, we have to.
We'd rather not live through godness living.
We'll have to, we shouldn't.
We'd rather not live through godness living. Time !

Let's transcend our lives and weave our destinies.
Let's change our minds and let the rules follow our hands.
Let the wind carry our spokes through the sky to theis cities.
And gracefully spread an overhead hope until the end.
Because the only real king is a hidden king.
Because the only real king is the king of nature.
And until nature rules the whole cosmogony.
We will lay down under pathes and look further.